SCBWI-BI gets ready to launch UV2024!

The Undiscovered Voices Team are busy organising lots of exciting events to begin the search for all the fabulous writers who will feature in our ninth anthology.

So, what will you need to polish up to include in your UV2024 entry? Here is a quick guide to everything you will need to submit.

UV2024 Submissions Rules and Eligibility – Who can enter?

There is no submissions fee, but only unagented and unpublished members of SCBWI living in the UK and Europe (writing in the English language) are eligible.

‘Unpublished’ means you have not had a book (including a picture book, novel, non-fiction book or collection of short stories) accepted for publication or currently published in any country. 

‘Published’ means you are credited as the author on the front cover or title page of a book produced by a traditional publisher in any country. Authors who have only been published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies or non-print medium (i.e. radio, web, etc.) are eligible to submit.

Similarly, authors who have ghost-written for book packagers or have self-published may submit work (but not an extract from any self-published work).

The UV Team want to give as many new voices as possible the chance to shine in the anthology. Defining published and unpublished is always difficult – we know that journeys to publication rarely follow a straight path – there are lots of bumps and potholes! However, we aim to be as fair as we possibly can.

What You Need to Submit:

  • The first 2,500 words of a completed novel for children/teens. Choose a suitable place to stop your extract. We advise not ending mid-sentence!
  • Picture book texts and nonfiction work are not accepted.
  • A 250-word synopsis of your story. This can seem daunting but try and condense your story into the most important plot points.
  • A 75-word bio, written in the third person and to include any lived experiences relevant to your entry.
  • A 35-word elevator pitch for your story. Hook us in so we want to read more!

We have some exciting Masterclasses running in May that will offer lots of submissions advice and top tips!

Rules to Remember

  • Only one submission per member. If you have a completed YA and a MG, pick the best one!
  • You may not resubmit any extract from a novel you submitted for consideration in previous Undiscovered Voices anthologies ­– even if it has been significantly revised.
  • Authors included in previous anthologies may not submit an entry for the current anthology. Honorary mentions from previous anthologies may submit, as long as it is from a different novel.
  • You may not submit an extract which has been previously represented or submitted to publishers by an agent, even if you are not currently agented or represented.
  • Submissions must be entirely the original work of the author and must never have been published, self-published or published on any website.

We would also ask that you do not submit an extract from a novel that has already been rejected by the editors and agents on the judging panel. Editors and agents remember submissions that they have rejected and will most likely not recommend your piece for the anthology. You want to give yourself the very best chance, so polish up that new thing!

I know what your thinking – does it really need to be a completed novel? Yes! There is nothing worse than having an interested agent but nothing to send them. When the anthology launches, editors and agents will want to see what the whole book is like before agreeing to take you on. If your novel is not completed, then it will make it difficult for you to benefit from being a finalist.

Deadlines for Submissions

Submissions will be accepted online at from the 15th June 2023 until 20h July 2023 via an online submissions process.

You can find the full rules here plus lots of helpful tips and advice.

Good luck!