UV12’s Jane Hardstaff’s Debut – The Executioner’s Daughter!

The Executioner's Daughter
The Executioner’s Daughter by Jane Hardstaff

We’re excited to join in the celebration of the publication of Undiscovered Voices finalist 2012, Jane Hardstaff’s debut novel, The Executioner’s Daughter (which originally featured as an extract in the anthology!). Her fantasy adventure, set during the reign of Henry VIII, takes place in the Tower of London, in the glamorous world of King Henry’s court and along the banks of the river Thames, where orphaned children struggle to survive. Alex O’Connell writing for The Times has called it, “a strong, new voice in children’s fiction – draws a wonderfully authentic portrait of a wilful tween desperate to find out more about her origins and flee the house of death”.


Jane says, “It’s the sort of story I would have loved as an 11 or 12 year old – adventurous, a little bit shivery, with a fantasy undercurrent, I’ve interwoven the lives of my fictional characters with real events and people, so there is, I hope, much authentic historical detail to be absorbed. But mainly it’s an adventure – a story, of friendship and forgiveness in a harsh world where legends come to life and tough choices must be made to survive.”


The Executioner’s Daughter has been published by Egmont in the UK and USA.