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At Working Partners, we believe that great stories and unique voices go hand-in-hand to create successful, engaging books. The publishing industry always needs new talent, and organizations like SCBWI go a long way to assist committed aspiring writers in standing out from the crowd.

Working Partners 1 2015We are keen to support unpublished writers and believe in helping writers develop. It is a long-standing policy for our editorial team to offer constructive criticism to every writer who tries out for one of our projects. We are proud to work with a number of writers who found their first publication credit with us and then went on to become well established in their own right.

Working Partners were delighted to sponsor all the anthologies so far and look forward to the next. This exciting SCBWI initiative provides a great vehicle for showcasing strong new talent to publishers and agents.

Working Partners 2 2015Since 1994, Working Partners has created some of the most recognised series in children’s fiction, including Animal ArkHeartland and, more recently, Rainbow MagicWarriors and Beast Quest.
We have over 110 published projects, consisting of more than 1,300 books. We’ve sold our books in 40 languages. Ten of our series have sold more than a million copies. Four have sold more than 10 million.

To learn more about how we work with writers, please visit: www.workingpartnersltd.co.uk

Chris Snowdon, Managing Director
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