Writers Submit Here

Are you ready to submit your novel extract for Undiscovered Voices?

Please make sure you have all the information and documents ready before you start. You can use the following checklists to make sure your submission is correct. Once you have submitted the form you will not be able to change or update the information.


Making sure you’re ready to submit:

 I am a current member of SCBWI living in the UK or EU (Please make sure your membership is up to date by logging-in at www.scbwi.org).

 I am NOT submitting more than 4,000 (excluding the synopsis). Find an appropriate place to end your extract – the end of a chapter is ideal.

 I have written a biography that’s no more than 50 words ready to include on the submissions form.

 My no-more-than-75-word synopsis is included at the end my novel extract.


Making sure your manuscript is ready to submit:

The title of my novel appears on the top of the first page of my submission.

 I have numbered my pages. (Ideally include the name of your novel in the header or footer of every page.)

 My name or initials do NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript.

 My file name is the name of my novel. I am submitting a “.doc”, “.docx” or “.rtf” format file (please do NOT send a PDF format file or a Word document that is protected). 


If you plan to also submit an illustration, you will need to email us at UV@britishscbwi.org BEFORE you complete your online application for your illustration.

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines or include all requested information will be disqualified. For the complete guidelines, visit the Writer Criteria.