We’re making changes for UV2020 – it’s coming soon!


Plans are underway for the seventh Undiscovered Voices anthology. Over the past twelve years, the project has launched the careers of 40 SCBWI members in the UK and Europe. In response to feedback from Undiscovered Voices finalists and to further improve our outreach to SCBWI members, we have made a few changes to the next anthology.

The SCBWI illustrator team is developing a new, separate project tailored to the specific needs of illustrators. This means that the next Undiscovered Voices anthology will not include illustrations. We have been thrilled by the success of the 32 illustrators featured in four of the anthologies, but the anthology hasn’t proven to be the best vehicle to showcase illustration talent. As a result, the SCBWI illustrator team is working on creating a programme that we hope will produce even better results for SCBWI illustrators. We look forward to hearing more about what they have planned.

Writers will be able to submit their extracts for consideration in the next anthology between 1st June to 15th July 2019 via an online submissions process. As in past years, there is no submission fee, but only unagented and unpublished members of SCBWI living in the UK and Europe (writing in the English language) are eligible.

We will host a free, online event in May, which aims to reach out to SCBWI members throughout the UK and Europe. The panel for the event will include the agent and editor judges for the next anthology, who’ll be offering advice for those planning to submit. Details for the event will be available soon.

One thing that has never wavered is the amazing support SCBWI continues to receive from Working Partners Ltd, a London-based company that creates series fiction (www.workingpartnersltd.co.uk). Thanks again to Working Partners for making the anthology possible.

All the best,

The Undiscovered Voices Team